Dysport vs Botox

DysportBotoxDysport or Botox? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in the cosmetic industry. A lot of doctors think comparing them is a little futile because they’re so similar; but when it comes to choosing the right skin rejuvenation treatment, you have to examine every little detail. Here’s some background information: while Botox has been an industry standard for decades, Dysport, which was widely used in Europe, recently emerged as a new competitor in the US market.

How Are They the Same?

Botox and Dysport are both neuromodulators, and they both work by relaxing muscles in the face that create lines and wrinkles in the skin. These are also known as expression lines, and both the neuromodulators reduce them quickly and effectively through a series of injections. Both neuromodulators are widely used and deemed to be safe by physicians all over the world; so far, there hasn’t been any significant concern for allergies or infections. They also have a similar range of how long their results last: about 3-8 months.

Which is Longer Lasting?

There’s been some debate on which of the injectables lasts longer. Some patients have reported that Dysport lasts longer, and there might be some scientific reasoning to back this up. Dysport has a lower protein load than Botox, so our antibodies are less likely to have an effect on it. Since antibodies have the job of destroying foreign proteins, it’s been said that Dysport results last slightly longer than Botox.

Which Areas does Each Target?

Dysport has been known to spread to larger areas than Botox, which is great for parts of the body with wider surface areas like the forehead and the armpits. Unfortunately, that also means that there’s a possibility that the Dysport might spread to areas like the eyes and eyebrows where it can cause negative effects. You would need an injector that’s skilled and trained enough to avoid that. Because of its precision, Botox would be perfect for areas under the eyes or eyebrows; and in addition, there are usually more medical professionals that have extensive training and familiarity for Botox than for Dysport.

Which is Faster?

It’s been noted that Dysport results have been known to start faster than Botox results, but only by a few days. Still, these few days can make a difference if you have an upcoming social event and need it to work quickly after your appointment.

Whether you choose Dysport or Botox, you need to know that you’re in the good hands of an expert. Want your procedure from an expert in the dermatological field? Contact the offices of Dr. Seth Matarasso now, for a consultation on Dysport and Botox.