Sclerotherapy: 101

sclerotherapy“Varicose and Spider Veins.” Even their names are extremely unsightly. Although marginally different, both happen to be very common, very frustrating conditions. Varicose veins are large, protruding blood vessels that are usually seen on the legs, while spider veins are smaller red, blue, and purple veins that appear on the legs and face. Thankfully, Sclerotherapy is there to save the day as one of the best treatments for varicose and spider veins.

What Causes Varicose and Spider Veins?

What doesn’t cause spider veins and varicose veins? They’re incredibly common, especially among women. About 30-60% of men and women have some form spider and varicose veins, and there a lot of factors that can put you at a higher risk of getting spider veins and varicose veins:

  • Genetics
  • Occupations that require a lot of standing
  • Obesity
  • Hormones caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause, and puberty
  • Blood clots

What Kind of Symptoms exists?

It doesn’t just look unpleasant; it can feel unpleasant too. Varicose veins can cause aching, swelling, restless legs, and even difficulty standing.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy works by collapsing the unsightly veins by injecting a solution called a sclerosing agent into the vein. The veins will then collapse, and then voila, blood will be redirected to healthier, nicer-looking veins. Your legs will have a more even skin tone, and the treated veins will start to improve over the next few weeks. Keep in mind that the larger the veins, the longer it’s going to take for results to show.

Does It Hurt?

It’s not painful at all, in fact, the only thing you’ll feel is the injection, which will only take a second. There’s absolutely no anesthetic needed—really.

What’s Sclerotherapy Recovery Like?

After the procedure, you’ll go home wearing a compression garment on your legs that you’ll have to keep on for few hours. You don’t have to recover or anything, all you have to do is wear compression stockings for the next few days.

How Many Times Do I Have To Do It?

With sclerotherapy, you might have to do the procedure more than once; but with each treatment, you should see a gradual reduction of the varicose and spider veins.

Are you ready to get rid of those pesky spider and varicose veins? Are you ready to finally wear short dresses, skirts or shorts with abandon? Contact Dr. Seth L. Matarasso, one of the leading providers of Sclerotherapy now, for a consultation on the treatment.