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How to Choose the Best Botox Injector

Take your time to find who you want to trust with your BOTOX treatment. Consider the following criteria when researching potential BOTOX injectors: Dermatology board-certification Years of experience and training Volume of BOTOX treatments at the practice Lectures and trains …

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Sclerotherapy: 101

“Varicose and Spider Veins.” Even their names are extremely unsightly. Although marginally different, both happen to be very common, very frustrating conditions. Varicose veins are large, protruding blood vessels that are usually seen on the legs, while spider veins are …

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Dysport vs Botox

Dysport or Botox? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in the cosmetic industry. A lot of doctors think comparing them is a little futile because they’re so similar; but when it comes to choosing the right skin rejuvenation …

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