Meet Our Staff

As the support staff for Dr. Matarasso, it is an amazing experience to facilitate and participate in the dermatology care of our patients.  We have met patients as children with common skin issues, grew with them as they matured through their teenage years reaching young adulthood.  Into the next phase of life we are keeping an eye out for suspicious or changing moles while we are taking advantage of the latest technology in the ever changing anti aging market.  Through the years we have been fortunate to see many of our patients through some of the happiest moments in life, and have been trusted to be here to go through some of the bad.  Through the years we have come to think of you not just as patients in our office, but as friends, and as family.  We are honored and blessed to have been chosen to participate in your care.

Queenie Anderson, 22 years

Grace Glovasa, 11 years

Marlena Hoeft, 18 years