Sclerotherapy is the preferred spider vein removal treatment for the legs. While spider veins are not harmful, they are unattractive and cause many people to avoid wearing shorts or bathing suits in summer.

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a solution into the vein using a tiny needle. This solution, which is called a sclerosing agent, causes the vein to collapse and seal, cutting off blood flow. This process is not dangerous and does not interfere with your body’s normal blood flow. The collapsed vein is simply absorbed by the body, and the blood is redirected to a healthy vein that is not unsightly.

What to Expect from Spider Vein Treatment

Most treatments take one-quarter to one-half hour depending on the number of veins you wish to remove. Each treatment generally involves several injections to collapse a number of the visible spider veins.

The procedure requires no anesthetic. The injections feel like a pin prick or snap of a rubber band. Most patients report that they are not painful, and the sensation lasts for only an instant.

More than one treatment is usually required to reduce the appearance of spider veins, although a complete disappearance of the veins is not always possible. Most veins will disappear up to 70%, significantly improving the appearance of the legs, creating a more even skin tone.

Laser treatment can be used to remove any remaining veins that are too small for the sclerotherapy injections. Laser vein removal or IPL is used for the smaller spider veins on the face. Read more about facial vein removal.

Sclerotherapy is not an instant treatment. Most spider veins respond to the procedure within 3-6 weeks, although the results of sclerotherapy on some larger veins may not show fully for a few months.

Recovering from Sclerotherapy

After your sclerotherapy treatment, your leg(s) will be wrapped in an elastic bandage for a few hours. You will then wear compression stockings for a couple of days following your procedure, but you may return to work and most other normal activities immediately.

Spider veins may continue to develop, as the condition that created them will continue. For this reason, you may need to repeat sclerotherapy vein procedures in the future to treat new veins.

Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of unsightly spider veins on the legs.

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