Fall Cosmetic Surgery Procedures You Should Be Booking Now

Fall-ProceduresBelieve it or not, some cosmetic treatments are best done within a certain season. Because some treatments have side effects like skin sensitivity, a lot of surgeons recommend that you get them during the fall or winter months. Want to delay your recovery time for the holiday season? Then take a look at these cosmetic surgery procedures that you can book now in time for fall.

Facial Vein Removal

There are two types of treatments you can use to help remove spider veins and broken capillaries on your face: IPL and the Candela V-Beam Laser. Both methods destroy broken and enlarged blood vessels by sealing off their blood supply. IPL reduces redness, while the laser destroys larger blood vessels. After your procedure, your skin will be very sensitive so it’s essential that you stay out of the sun for a few weeks.


Sclerotherapy is another spider vein treatment, only this time it’s for your legs. Sclerotherapy is done by injecting a solution into your spider veins that will cause them to collapse and be reabsorbed into the body. It’s not recommended to be out in the sun after sclerotherapy because you’ll be recovering in compression stockings after your procedure—and it’s not exactly beach friendly. There’s also a risk of your veins darkening from hyperpigmentation because of contact with direct sunlight.

Fraxel Laser

The Fraxel Laser treatment is a popular new skin rejuvenation treatment that reduces signs of aging, heals scarring, shrinks enlarged pores, evens out skin tone, reduces sun damage, and stimulates collagen production. After your laser treatment, the treated areas might feel like a sun burn, so it’s a good idea to stay away from the sun immediately after treatment.


Microdermabrasion uses one tool to exfoliate dead skin cells and other debris, and then another tool to suction off more dirt and oils to leave a new layer of fresh skin. Your skin may become red and flaky after the procedure, but that’s all part of the recovery process. To avoid discomfort, try staying away from direct sunlight.

Logistically, it just makes sense to schedule these cosmetic surgery treatments for the fall season. After all, it’s much easier to schedule your procedure and recovery during a holiday break. If you want to treat yourself during the holidays to a cosmetic procedure, then pick one of the best plastic surgeons In the Bay Area and contact Dr. Seth L. Matarasso for a consultation.