Winter Cosmetic Procedures You Should Be Booking Now

happy-womanThe winter season does not only mean the Yuletide holidays are coming. It also means the season of bikini bodies is just ahead. Speaking of beach season, the cold months are the best times to prepare for it.

There’s nothing like spending your lazy summer days on the beach in your colorful bikinis and board shorts. However, stretch marks, varicose veins, bald spots, or love handles can ruin the fun. So, you might want to consider getting cosmetic procedures this winter.

Why Book Cosmetic Procedures in the Winter?

Although you are free to get cosmetic procedures any time of the year, the cold months are the most ideal. That’s due to the fact that the weather is cool, which makes your recovery period a pleasant experience. Simply put, it’s all about convenience.

Most surgical and non-surgical procedures require patients to wear special undergarments, compression bra, or bandages afterwards, which can cause discomfort when the weather is hot. Additionally, the chilly season is an excellent excuse to layer clothes that will hide scars, bruises, or bandages. Moreover, people tend to stay indoors in the winter, which reduces the stress of having to turn down social invitations. Lastly, the intensity of the winter sun is lower than in spring and summer, which is beneficial for those who have sensitive post-treatment skin.

What Cosmetic Procedures to Book This Winter

You can book many cosmetic treatments in the winter, and below are some of them:

  • Liposuction

Heavy coats, baggy sweaters, long sleeves – these are some of the reasons you should book  liposuction in the winter. It’s easier to hide swellings and bruises when you’re bundled up with clothes. Another reason is stubborn fat deposits are more noticeable in the winter. This makes it easier for Dr. Matarasso to target the problem areas during this procedure.

  • Hair Transplantation

If you want to restore bald spots in time for summer, you should schedule hair transplantation anytime in the winter. The reason is the results could take three to four months before you can see signs of hair growth.

  • Sclerotherapy

Legs with spider veins or varicose veins can be unattractive to look at, especially if you wear swimsuits or hot pants. Thankfully, sclerotherapy can address these issues. However, wearing compression garments following treatment can be uncomfortable, which explains why this treatment is best performed in the winter. Cool winter weather is when you can comfortably wear pants, slacks and jeans to cover the compression garments.

  • CoolSculpting®

If you plan to have a sculpted body in time for spring and summer, it’s best to undergo a CoolSculpting® procedure during the cold winter months. Peak results are more noticeable after six months, which is just in time for bikini season.

It’s definitely advantageous for you if you book your cosmetic procedures in the winter instead of waiting for spring and summer. By the time the hot months roll in, you’ll have a better looking body to flaunt with.

To learn more about these cosmetic procedures and to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Matarasso today.