What is a Cosmetic Dermatologist?

When your foot hurts, you go a podiatrist. If you’re having trouble with your eyes, head to an ophthalmologist. But, who do you see if you want gorgeous skin? Try a cosmetic dermatologist. While a standard dermatologist can diagnose and treat skin and hair conditions, a cosmetic dermatologist does this and more. They also focus on making their patients more attractive by improving the appearance of acne, treating thinning hair and removing spider veins. For better looking hair, smoother skin and a more beautiful you, visit a cosmetic dermatologist (Dr. Matarasso is an excellent one).

What Can a Cosmetic Dermatologist Do for You?

We all want smooth, beautiful skin, but unfortunately, few of us are blessed with it naturally. From acne to brown spots to wrinkles and more, we all have those little imperfections that get in the way of our perfect skin. A cosmetic dermatologist helps to treat these problems so you can have the skin and hair you’ve always wanted. Some even offer cosmetic treatments like liposuction.

In addition to cosmetic treatments, cosmetic dermatologists can also do everything a standard dermatologist might do. They can check moles for skin cancer (and remove them if necessary) and treat skin problems like eczema. A cosmetic dermatologist acts as your skin care advisor, providing you with in-office treatments and giving advice for proper at-home care.

Quick Cosmetic Treatments to Try Today

One of the best ways to see the benefits that a cosmetic dermatologist can provide is to visit one yourself. Call us today at 415-362-2238 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Matarasso. He’ll work with you closely to find the best treatment options for your skin conditions and concerns. For quick beauty boost, consider one of these popular treatments.

  • Botox– If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, you’ve got time for Botox. This treatment temporarily relaxes facial muscles that cause wrinkling. Botox is especially effective on wrinkles in the upper half of the face (lines between the brows, forehead lines, crow’s feet). You can head right back to your regular activities after treatment and you’ll see the results in just a couple of days.
  • Dermal Fillers– Fill in stubborn wrinkles, camouflage acne scars, and more with dermal fillers. These versatile injectable treatments can even be used to provide a “liquid facelift”.
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation– For smoother, younger looking skin try laser skin rejuvenation. These treatments use powerful laser energy to penetrate the skin and target damaged cells. Dr. Matarasso can use lasers to do everything from boosting collagen production to improving the appearance of scars and evening skin tone.

If you want to look better this year, enlist the help of a cosmetic dermatologist. Call us today to schedule your appointment!