What Can Dr. Matarasso Do to Help My Rosacea?

shutterstock_139311578If you have rosacea, you know the pain and embarrassment that irritated, red skin can bring. If you suffer from this medical condition, get help. Rosacea is treatable, and you have options. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Matarasso.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Rosacea Patients?

No two rosacea patients are the same, and Dr. Matarasso focuses on providing individualized care for each of his patients. He utilizes a variety of treatment options and will work with you to find the best combination of treatments for your skin type and condition. Some common treatments for rosacea include:

  • Lifestyle Changes– Research suggests that lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on rosacea. Using the right skin care products, staying out of the sun, limiting alcohol and spicy foods, and reducing stress are a few of the changes you can make that may result in fewer rosacea symptoms. According to one study, 57% of those that made lifestyle changes noticed improvement in their rosacea symptoms. In addition to medications and laser therapies, Dr. Matarasso can help you pinpoint useful lifestyle changes for treating your rosacea.
  • AntibioticsLow dose antibiotics can be helpful in treating rosacea. These low dose treatments aren’t used to kill bacteria, but rather to reduce overall inflammation of the skin. They may also reduce acne or pimples, which commonly occur with rosacea. Patients with mild rosacea may benefit from a cream while patients with more advanced symptoms may benefit from an oral treatment.
  • Prescription Skin Creams– Prescription skin creams can have a dramatic effect on rosacea symptoms. These creams are typically applied at home on a daily or 2x daily basis, depending on the cream.
  • IPL– IPL and laser treatments can be beneficial in treating redness and broken capillaries in the face. Dr. Matarasso can recommend the right laser or light treatment for your rosacea.
  • Skin Care Advice– Gentleness is key when you have rosacea. Dr. Matarasso can help you find the right skin care products for your skin and can help you learn how to take care of your skin. If you have rosacea, you need personalized skin care advice from a skilled dermatologist.

If you have rosacea, get treatment. Come see Dr. Matarasso today. Although rosacea isn’t curable, it is highly treatable. Look better and feel better with the right treatment.