Botox for Newbies: Tips for a Successful First Experience

Botox is the most popular cosBotox for Newbies: Tips for a Successful First Experiencemetic treatment in the U.S. with more than 6.6 million performed just last year. Have you tried it yet? If you want to look younger without surgery and are ready to try Botox, keep reading. These essential tips will help you have a successful first experience with Botox. And if you’re like many of our patients, your first Botox experience certainly won’t be your last.

Choose Your Injector Carefully

These days it seems like everyone is offering Botox, but you want to choose your injector carefully. Botox can create smooth, stunning, natural looking results, but only when used correctly. You need an injector with a deep understanding of facial anatomy and with experience placing injections and using the right amount. Dr. Matarasso has been using Botox for many years and knows how to expertly use this powerful treatment to turn back the clock for a younger looking you.

Botox Only Works on Specif
ic Types of Wrinkles

Botox works by halting nerve impulses to muscles that cause wrinkling. It is very effective for wrinkles like crow’s feet, lines between the brows, forehead wrinkles, and other lines/wrinkles caused by muscle movement, but it won’t work on other signs of aging. Be aware that Botox isn’t always the solution for lines and wrinkles, although it often is.

Stick to Your Treatment Schedule

When you love the results of your Botox treatment (and we’re certain you will), you will need to come in for maintenance injections to maintain your results. Botox treatments typically last 4-8 months. Dr. Matarasso will create a treatment schedule with you so you can always look your best.

Don’t Worry If You Don’t See Results Right Away

First time Botox patients are often surprised when they don’t see their Botox results immediately. It can a week or two for your wrinkles to soften… be patient. The results are coming; it just takes time.

Post Treatment Care

What do you need to do after Botox to ensure the best results? Nothing at all. Botox injections are a no downtime treatment. You can come in, get injected, and head back to home or work immediately. You may want to apply a little makeup to the injection sites as you may have a bit of redness or swelling. Dr. Matarasso will give you specific instructions for aftercare when you come in for your treatment.

Botox Is Great Alone, But Pairs Beautifully with Other Treatments

Botox provides stunning results on its own, but Dr. Matarasso may recommend some other cosmetic treatments to complement your results. Botox pairs beautifully with dermal fillers (like Juvederm), laser skin rejuvenation treatments (like Fraxel), and a variety of other cosmetic treatments. Ask Dr. Matarasso which procedures he would recommend for you.

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