Thinning Hair? 4 Reasons You Should Consider Micrograft Hair Transplantation

Hair Restoration in San FranciscoRemember the days when you had a full head of hair? You can have that back. Micrograft hair transplants can restore lost hair, bringing you a natural looking, thicker head of hair (and reestablishing your hairline). Don’t mourn over your lost hair; bring it back and look better than you have in years!

If you’re considering hair transplants, check out 4 reasons why you should contact us to learn more.

Micrograft Hair Transplants Provide Superior Results to the Plug Method

If you heard jokes about transplanted hair looking “pluggy”, it is probably due to hair plug method that was used years ago. Micrograft transplants work differently, providing superior results both in look and in healing time. The micrograft technique removes small grafts of hair (usually containing 1-4 hairs each) using small incisions which are stitched closed. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted to the scalp in areas with hair loss. The small grafts mimic the way hair grows naturally for a better aesthetic result.

Permanent Hair that Actually Grows

Hair transplants aren’t just moving hair from one area to another; they are moving hair follicles too. Hair follicles produce hair which means that your transplanted hair will grow, need to be cut, and act like natural hair. After your transplant the relocated hairs will fall out after about 6-12 weeks. After the hair falls out it will begin to regrow as your follicles produce new hair. A micrograft hair transplant is a permanent solution to thinning hair and hair loss.

Uses Your Own Natural Hair

Since hair transplants extract hair from other areas of scalp and transplant it into thinning areas, the hair you grow will be your own natural hair and will match your existing hair in both thickness, color, and type. Extraction is done in our offices and takes 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of hair that will be transplanted. You’ll probably need multiple sessions to achieve your desired result. This can be done quickly or be spread out over a couple of years depending on your preferences.

Micrograft Hair Transplants are Ideal for Men and Women

Hair transplantation isn’t just for men. Women with thinning hair can receive transplants too. In general hair transplants work best on patients with either male or female pattern baldness. You will also need sufficient hair in other areas of your scalp to use in the transplant. If you have thinning hair, come talk with Dr. Matarasso. We love helping all our patients, male and female, to have thicker, fuller hair.

Get your hair back! Contact us today and learn more about micrograft hair transplants.