The Science of Anti-Aging Skin Care

O-B_shutterstock_123660985Science is constantly changing, evolving and developing. The same is true for the science of anti-aging skin care. As we learn more about how the skin ages and as new techniques are developed to combat aging, they are put into practice. Through science we can reduce the signs of aging helping you to achieve a younger, more youthful look.

When was the last time you saw a dermatologist? If it’s been awhile (or even if it hasn’t) you might not be aware of the latest techniques available in anti-aging skin care.  Dr. Matarasso is skilled in using a variety of different techniques to turn back the clock on your skin. Contact our offices today and schedule an appointment; Dr. Matarasso would love to further discuss the science of anti-aging skin care with you.

Dermal Fillers

One gift that science has given to the skin is injectable fillers. Fillers are used sculpt and contour the delicate facial skin restoring the fullness you once possessed. They can be used to treat deep lines and wrinkles, to add volume to the lips and to tighten loose skin. We use several different fillers in our offices including Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm. Each treatment has its benefits and we’ll help you determine the right choice for your situation. Let’s look at each option in a little more depth:


Restylane is a clear synthetic gel made with hyaluronic acid. It is used to smooth wrinkles, sculpt the lips and recontour the face. It has a unique ability to bind with water helping this injectable treatment to remain in your skin and provide amazing results for many months.  We often use Restylane to treat lines between the eyebrows and around the mouth.


Perlane is made by the same manufacturer as Restylane and is also made from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and has a very low incidence of allergic reaction. It works with the collagen in your body to help keep the skin looking smooth and youthful. Perlane lasts up to 60% longer than collagen.


Another favorite filler is called Juvederm. Many of our patients experience results that last for 6-9 months after treatment and with a simple follow-up treatment results can last even longer. This treatment is ideal for fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and restoring a youthful shape to the face.

Laser Treatments

Injectable fillers aren’t the only scientific advancement being used to combat facial aging. Lasers are another highly effective technique that we use here in our offices. One of our lasers, known as the Candela V-beam laser, uses highly concentrated pulsed light to treat a variety of skin conditions including broken blood vessels, spider veins and facial veins.

Science has made it easier than ever to fight aging and look great no matter your age.