Skin Care Myths and Facts


O-B_shutterstock_115558789When it comes to skin care there is a lot of misinformation floating around. How do you know which rules to follow and which to avoid? To help you navigate the path to clear skin we’ve created this helpful guide to expose common skin care myths. With these skin loving facts (and the helpful guidance of Dr. Matarasso), you’ll have enviable skin in no time at all.

Skin Care Myth: You Can’t Fight Skin Aging

While aging is a part of life, you can take control and fight skin aging, sometimes taking years off of your appearance. We have many different options for helping skin look younger and more vibrant. Injectable freezers and fillers can fight wrinkles and volume loss while laser skin treatments can fade age spots, scars and other signs of aging. Come in and visit with Dr. Matarasso; he’ll help you find the right anti-aging solutions for your skin.

Skin Care Myth: You Can’t Smile or Show Emotion After Botox

TV comedies and movies love to make fun of Botox claiming that after treatment the face is unable to show emotion. This isn’t true, but unfortunately scares many people off from Botox. In reality Botox specifically targets muscles that cause wrinkling. Dr. Matarasso is an expert injector and can help you get a natural and younger look using Botox.

Skin Care Myth: Dark Skin Can’t Get Skin Cancer

While lighter skinned people are on high alert for skin cancer, those with darker complexions often don’t worry about this disease. Cancer might be more common in lighter skin, but anyone can get skin cancer. It is important to regularly examine moles looking for signs of skin cancer. Dr. Matarasso offers skin cancer detection appointments where you can ask questions about problem areas on your skin and learn what to look for from a skin cancer expert.

Skin Care Myth: You Can’t Fade Scars

Do you have scars you wish you didn’t have? They don’t have to be permanent. Our IPL treatment can fade scars (and many other skin problems including sun damage, age spots, freckles, large pores and even excess body hair) in just a few treatments.

Skin Care Myth: Adults Can’t Get Acne

If you think acne is just a teenage problem, think again. Adults are often affected by this annoying condition too. If you have acne, whether you’re young or old, come in and find out what treatments are available.

Don’t let these skin care myths keep you from achieving your best look. Now that you know the facts, you are ready to embrace your most beautiful self.