Oscar Ready Skin: Hollywood Skincare Secrets

shutterstock_144911722How do celebrities always look so good? The secret is in their skin. No, I’m not talking about great genetics, but rather, the right skincare routine. In honor of the upcoming Oscar’s this weekend, we’ve rounded up a few celebrity-inspired skincare tips for you. Is your skin paparazzi-ready?

Wear Sunscreen … Today and Every Day

Are you wearing sunscreen? You should be wearing a minimum of SPF 15 every single day, rain or shine. The sun’s UV rays are a major cause of brown spots, wrinkles, skin damage and even skin cancer. Protect your skin by slathering on the sunscreen. If you don’t want to add an extra step to your skincare routine, use a moisturizer with SPF. On those days you plan on spending time in the sun, use a higher SPF and reapply often.

Banish Acne

Celebrities are known for the gorgeously clear skin. Surely you won’t spot any blackheads, pimples or blemishes on the red carpet this year. Acne-free skin is something we can all work towards. Dr. Matarasso offers a variety of different acne treatments to eliminate acne in both adults and teens. If you’ve got acne, come in as soon possible. Quick treatment is essential to minimize acne scars.

Have You Tried Botox?

As your favorite celebrity makes their way down the red carpet, look for Botox. You might not see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Celebrities love using Botox to soften wrinkles caused by overactive muscle impulses. A few quick injections can practically eliminate crow’s feet, lines between the brow and forehead lines. When properly administered, Botox provides natural-looking, dramatic results. There’s a reason that Botox consistently tops the list of most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures: it works!

Fraxel Laser- Your Skin’s Secret Weapon

In addition to good daily skincare practices, give your skin an occasional boost of TLC. The Fraxel laser can target and treat damaged skin, eliminating brown spots, reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin. Plus, the treatment naturally boosts your collagen production for longer term results. If your skin needs a little extra help, come try the Fraxel laser. This is a great choice before a big event. Celebrities might try Fraxel a few weeks before the Academy Awards; you can use it for a radiance boost before a big night out or any time you want to look your best.

Call us today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Matarasso. He’ll help you get your skin red carpet ready.