How Can I Prolong My Cosmetic Dermatology Procedure?

Our patients love the results they see after receiving a cosmetic dermatology treatment. Botox, Juvederm, IPL, microdermabrasion and the many other cosmetic treatments we offer all yield stunning aesthetic results when properly performed by a skilled practitioner like Dr. Matarasso. How can you extend the results of your treatment? Here are some tips to help you look great longer.

Choose a Skilled Practitioner

Don’t trust your skin to just anyone. Many of the most effective cosmetic treatments can have serious complications if not performed properly. For your skincare needs, choose a doctor that specializes in the skin (a dermatologist). Ask friends and family for recommendations. If you’re in the San Francisco area, call us at 415-362-2238 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Matarasso.

Address Underlying Skin Problems

Filling in wrinkles with a dermal filler might make your skin smoother, but the results aren’t going to be their best if you have other skin problems like eczema or acne. Talk with your doctor about the best way to treat your specific skin problems. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Follow a Treatment Schedule

Many cosmetic treatments are temporary and need to be performed on a semi-regular basis to maintain results. Getting your treatments on schedule can improve the results you see after treatment. Here are some expected treatment windows for many of the procedures we offer. Dr. Matarasso will help you create a custom treatment schedule for your skin.

  • Botox- Results last 4-8 months
  • Juvederm- Results last 6-9 months
  • Perlane- Results last about 6 months
  • Restylane- Results last 4-8 months
  • Juvederm Voluma- Results last up to 2 years
  • Fraxel Laser- Results last 6 months or more
  • Microdermabrasion- Results last about a month

Stay Out of the Sun

The sun is very damaging to your skin. Stay out of the sun and help your cosmetic treatments to last longer. If you do need to be in the sun, wear sunscreen and cover up. You should wear an SPF 15 or higher moisturizer every day.

Follow Recovery Instructions

How do I extend the life of my dermatological treatment?After each treatment Dr. Matarasso will provide you with recovery and healing instructions. Many treatments we offer are “no-downtime” treatments. You’ll come in, get treatment and head right back to your daily activities. Any specific recovery instructions (like staying out of the sun, avoiding strenuous activites, etc.) will be discussed. Follow these instructions. The best possible results from your treatment come when you follow the doctor’s instructions carefully.

We love helping our patients to look their best. Come see Dr. Matarasso for gorgeous, healthy skin.