I’m Afraid Botox Will Make My Face Feel Frozen | 5 Botox Myths Debunked

matarasso-18523Cosmetic procedures, like other procedures, often receive criticism. One procedure that often attracts rumors and myths is Botox. Given its popularity, it’s not a surprise that you’ll often hear controversies about the treatment, even if many of them are unfounded.

If you’re considering getting Botox, you’ve probably heard comments from concerned family, friends and colleagues about the negative effects of treatment. They may include statements like “It’ll freeze your face,” or “It’ll give your mouth a scary trout.”

With so many misconceptions surrounding Botox treatments, we’ve decided to put the issues to rest by debunking the top five most popular myths. Learn what they are so you can make a better, well-informed decision about getting the treatment.

Myth 1: You’ll lose all facial expressions.

Rumor has it that it’ll erase all your facial expressions, turning you into an emotionless person. This is false! If administered correctly, you can restore your youthful face while still being able to express your emotions. Only this time, you will laugh or cry with fewer wrinkles.

Myth 2: Botox will turn you into a vain addict.

A fallacy that has been circulating for quite some time is that once you have the treatment, you should have it forever. The truth is you can stop whenever. Many of our Botox patients return for repeat treatments because they love the changes in their facial appearance. Therefore, it’s plausible that you’ll return for a second, third or 10th treatment because of the fabulous results you’ll see.

Myth 3: Botox is poisonous and dangerous.

Dr. Matarasso uses genuine Botox manufactured by Allergan, so you can feel rest assured that the Botox injections you’ll receive are safe. Additionally, Botox is FDA approved as an anti-aging treatment. We recommend that you consult with Dr. Matarasso to know if Botox is suitable for you.

Myth 4: People can always tell that you had Botox treatments.

If given to the extremes, then yes, Botox will look obvious. Therefore, it’s best to receive the treatment from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Before administering the injections, Dr. Matarasso will evaluate your face to determine which areas to be injected to give you fabulous, natural-looking results.

Myth 5: The number of wrinkles will increase if you stop.

Your facial appearance will return to its former state before you had Botox, but the treatment will not increase the number of wrinkles. You may notice an increase as the months go by after stopping the treatment, but it is due to your body’s natural aging process.

Now that you know the truths behind these myths, you can make an informed decision about getting Botox. Learn more about this anti-aging treatment by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Matarasso today.