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Why Botox AND Fillers May Be Ideal

                  Botox or fillers? Many of our patients struggle to choose between these two powerful injectable cosmetic treatments. The good news is, you don’t have to choose. For many patients, Botox AND …

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Let’s Talk Wrinkle Treatments

2016 is the year you’ve decided to tackle your wrinkles, but now you need to know which wrinkle treatment to choose. Fortunately, we’ve got several. Come in for your personalized recommendation for your skin and trouble areas. Dr. Matarasso can …

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I Want to Plump up My Lips… What Are My Options?

Is your pucker as plump as you’d like it to be? Are your lips thinning due to age? If your lips are naturally thin or have lost volume due to aging, come in and see Dr. Matarasso. Minimally invasive options …

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