Let’s Talk Wrinkle Treatments

wrinkle treatments

2016 is the year you’ve decided to tackle your wrinkles, but now you need to know which wrinkle treatment to choose. Fortunately, we’ve got several. Come in for your personalized recommendation for your skin and trouble areas. Dr. Matarasso can help you rediscover smooth, wrinkle-free skin. We offer wrinkle treatments for every age and every stage of life.

What Wrinkle Treatments Should I Try?

Crow’s feet and nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth) are both wrinkles, but they aren’t the same. Crow’s feet are caused by muscle movement while nasolabial folds develop due to loss of facial volume. When it comes to wrinkles, there are many different types and each one is best targeted by a different treatment. To help keep your skin at its best, Dr. Matarasso offers a variety of wrinkle treatments. Ask him for advice about which treatment (or treatments) is best for you.

  • Botox- For expression wrinkles (like crow’s feet, lines between the brows, frown lines, etc.), nothing beats Botox. This treatment temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause these types of wrinkles. As the muscles relax, the skin smoothes and the wrinkles fade away. No downtime is needed. Dysport is a similar treatment option.
  • Dermal Fillers- If your wrinkles are caused by a loss of facial volume (like nasolabial folds), opt for a dermal filler. These injectable fillers restore volume and fill in wrinkles. Dr. Matarasso is a highly skilled injector known for his smooth, natural-looking results. We carry a wide range of fillers (including Juvederm and Restylane) and will choose the right product for your problem areas. Dermal fillers can even be used to add volume to the lips. Dermal fillers and Botox are often used in combination, and the result is nothing short of amazing.
  • IPL- Rejuvenate your skin and improve the appearance of your wrinkles with IPL (also known as intense pulsed light or photofacial). This treatment uses intense light to treat and improve damaged skin. This treatment is great for wrinkles, but that isn’t all it can do. It also treats sun damage, brown spots, enlarged pores, and spider veins. IPL requires no downtime and most patients see good results in just a few treatments.
  • Microdermabrasion- By exfoliating the outermost layers of skin we can treat wrinkles and brighten dull skin. Microdermabrasion smoothes and rejuvenates skin and boosts collagen production. Downtime is not required, although you may have redness for a few days.
  • Fraxel- A laser skin rejuvenation treatment, the Fraxel laser is a great choice for smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating skin. This treatment may require a minimal recovery period. Fraxel can treat wrinkles, uneven skin tone, roughness, and a variety of other skin problems.

Which option is right for you? Dr. Matarasso can help you find the right treatment for your wrinkles. Call today and schedule your appointment.