A Sun Kissed Glow without the Tanning Salon

O-skin care tipsDoes summer make you want to run out to the tanning salon? Do you like the “tan” look? If you want to be a sun bronzed beauty, but want to reduce your skin cancer risk, self-tanners are an ideal solution. They give you a quick boost of summery glow without the risky UV exposure. Skip the tanning salon this summer and be kind to your skin!

The Risks of UV Exposure

UV rays are the main cause of the sun’s damaging effects of the skin. Not only do they increase your skin cancer risk, they also contribute to the formation of sun spots, wrinkling, and early skin aging. UV rays are found naturally in the sun’s rays and tanning equipment (lamps and beds) are also sources of these rays.

Protecting Yourself from UV Rays

If you want to limit your exposure to UV rays, you do have options. The first is to consistently wear sunscreen when you’ll be out in the sun. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Apply liberally; you’ll need a couple of tablespoons to fully cover your body. Wear sunscreen anytime you’ll be outdoors, even if its cloudy or overcast. Limit sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm as the UV rays are strongest during these hours.

Another option for protecting yourself is to avoid intentional tanning. Skip the tanning beds, tanning lamps, and laying out in the sun. If you want a sun kissed glow, try a sunless tanning product, like a self-tanner. The quality of many of these products has improved dramatically over the last several years. If properly applied, the dreaded orange glow isn’t something you should have to worry about.

Undoing the Damage

If your skin already has sun damage, come in and see Dr. Matarasso. Sun damaged skin is at a higher risk for skin cancer. A skin cancer detection appointment can help you spot any trouble spots before they become a serious problem. We recommend that you check your own skin at least once a month (even if you are cautious in the sun) looking for changes. Pay close attention to sores that refuse to heal, itchy spots, or moles that look differently than the others.

We offer treatments here in our offices that can reduce the appearance of some types of sun damage. Laser skin rejuvenation treatments (including the Fraxel laser) can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while evening out skin tone (including sun spots). The results are both immediate and progressive; many patients notice positive changes after their first treatment.

Make this summer a skin healthy one by skipping the tanning salon and giving your skin a break from UV radiation.