What to Expect After Your first Botox Treatment

If you’ve landed on this page, then there’s a likely chance that you’re interested in learning more about Botox. Offered by Dr. Seth L. Matarasso, Botox treatments can help you look and feel better about yourself. Aging may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up a fight!

Often regarded as a minimally invasive treatment, Botox is great for reducing a variety of facial wrinkles, such as: crow’s feet, frown lines, worry lines, forehead lines, and lines around the mouth and eyes.

However, even more appealing to some, is the fact that Botox is FDA-approved, meaning the procedure is safe. And though side effects are possible, they are very rare.

Before the Botox is administered, a mild anesthetic will be used to numb the desired areas. Following your treatment, you will immediately be able to go about your day and schedule, whether that’s home, school, or work. Further, makeup can even be applied once the treatment has been completed.

You won’t instantly see the results of your procedure. In fact, the final results may take a week or two to populate. Once they have, you can expect these results to last between four and eight months.

Botox injections are commonly thought to be quick, convenient, and relatively painless. However, you may feel some mild tenderness, or see some slight bruising in or around the injection area(s). Yet, these side effects won’t last long. Simply put, this procedure requires no recovery time.

Prior to the injection, Dr. Matarasso will sit down with you to discuss your goals, and what you hope to accomplish from the Botox treatment. He will assist you in deciding which areas to inject, and how much dosage is needed. The actual injection process itself only takes about ten minutes.

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