What Causes Under-Eye Bags and How Fillers Can Help

Does it feel like you’ve tried every concealer under the sun to camouflage your under-eye bags? Do people often comment on how tired you look, even if you’ve gotten a full night’s rest? A puffy, prominent under-eye area can prematurely age you and lead others to make snap judgments about your appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Seth Matarasso can use his experience as a board-certified dermatologist to provide you with non-surgical solutions for refreshing your under-eye area. Read on to learn more!

Why Do People Develop Under-Eye Bags?

Let’s start by answering a commonly asked question: What makes under-eye puffiness such a cosmetic challenge for some people? The skin around your eyes is thinner than that on the rest of your face, which is why it’s one of the first areas to show early signs of aging. Other factors that contribute to under-eye bags include the following.

  • Lifestyle choices: Overexposure to damaging UV rays, an inconsistent sleep schedule, dehydration, and smoking can all weaken the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids. As the skin begins to sag, fat can move from the area around the eye to the spots below your eyes.
  • Genetics: under-eye bags and dark circles often tend to run in families. If one or both of your parents have a prominent under-eye area, it’s likely you will, too.

Using Dermal Fillers to Treat Under-Eye Bags

In recent years, injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm have emerged as one of the hottest treatments in aesthetic medicine. It’s not difficult to understand the appeal — not only do they provide nearly instant results, but they also require zero downtime for recovery, and you can resume your normal daily schedule immediately after your appointment.

This low-risk, high-reward option has become a favorite of everyone from starlets to soccer moms because of fillers’ ability to erase fine lines around the mouth and nose, add volume to the cheeks and lips, and create a naturally refreshed appearance. Now, fillers are becoming an increasingly sought-after option for erasing under-eye bags.

under-eye filler, also known as tear trough filler, consists of hyaluronic acid — a moisture-rich substance your body naturally produces. When injected under the eye and at the top of the cheek, it smooths the transition between these two areas and gives your face more volume, essentially erasing puffiness and bags.

Expert Under-Eye Injections in San Francisco

Often, the results of a well-done under-eye filler treatment are comparable to a surgical lower eyelid lift. However, you’ll need to schedule periodic touch-up treatments to maintain your youthful appearance as your body absorbs the biocompatible filler. Because the under-eye area is less mobile than other parts of your face, you may find your filler lasts longer there than it does around your mouth and cheeks.

Since the skin around your eyes is so delicate, it’s essential to find a provider with the experience to handle the injections with precision. Placing too much filler will cause the under-eye area to appear even more prominent, while placement that is too superficial will create a bluish tint in the skin around the injection site. As a clinical professor of dermatology, Dr. Matarasso has the knowledge of facial anatomy necessary to create natural-looking results, while minimizing the side effects of under-eye injections such as bruising and swelling.

To learn more about under-eye fillers in San Francisco, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Matarasso.