Understanding Fraxel Laser Skin Rejuvenation












Do you want to reveal fresh, bright, clear skin without the need for invasive treatments or lengthy post-procedure downtime? If your topical moisturizers or at-home skin care regimen aren’t effectively treating concerns like wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, scarring, melasma, or discoloration, Fraxel laser skin resurfacing may be the perfect solution for you.

Dr. Matarasso recommends Fraxel as a treatment for improving the appearance of many common skin imperfections. Because it is one of the most advanced cosmetic lasers available today, it has received FDA approval for its proven track record of safety and minimal risk of side effects.

What Is Fraxel?

The Fraxel laser is a unique fractional laser that is designed to treat skin in small sections at a time, leaving behind healthy cells and promoting skin turnover. The laser energy is powerful enough to create micro-injuries that jumpstart your skin’s built-in healing response, which stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin to provide a toned, tightened appearance.

Fraxel is an effective all-around skin resurfacing treatment that can help your skin regrow into its naturally beautiful appearance. It works well to rejuvenate not only the face, but also your neck, chest, and hands.

Fraxel skin resurfacing is an outpatient procedure that gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, removing the dull, tired cells and leaving fresh, healthy skin behind. For those who choose not to use injectable treatments to reverse signs of aging, Fraxel treatments are an ideal alternative.

What to Expect After Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation

Another benefit to Fraxel skin rejuvenation is that the treatment levels are customizable based on your lifestyle, cosmetic goals, and the amount of downtime you desire. The most common side effects are swelling and redness, which are usually mild and will improve over the next few days after getting your procedure.

In the days following your Fraxel procedure, your skin will naturally bronze, then flake off gradually, revealing the healthy new skin underneath. During this time, you can supplement your healing process by keeping your skin moisturized and wearing sunscreen of at least 30 SPF every time you go outside.

Though you will notice some of the anti-aging results of Fraxel emerging a few days after your first treatment, the good news is that they will continue to improve for up to half a year later. You can continue to maintain your rejuvenated appearance for years by staying hydrated, eating nutritious foods, and practicing a disciplined skin care regimen.

Is Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation Right for You?

Don’t let the cumulative effects of sun damage and aging take a toll on your self-confidence and quality of life. When performed by an experienced, board-certified dermatologist, Fraxel laser skin rejuvenation can help take years off your appearance and can also delay more intensive procedures such as a facelift.

If you’re ready to learn more about Fraxel laser treatments in San Francisco, reach out to our office today. Dr. Matarasso has received extensive training that uniquely qualifies him to provide the highest level of service and patient outcomes to men and women requiring cosmetic or medical skin care procedures throughout the Bay Area.