Try the Newest Treatment Option for Crow’s Feet: Botox

Hate crow’s feet? You’re in luck! The FDA recently approved Botox for the treatment of those wrinkly lines around the eyes. Kiss your crow’s feet goodbye and say hello to a smoother, younger looking face. Give us a call today and find out how this FDA approved treatment can help you look your best.

What Are Crow’s Feet?

O-B_shutterstock_115163842Crow’s feet are small wrinkles that often originate at the corner of the eye. As the name implies, they often look like a crow’s foot, little diagonal lines radiating from the eye like the toes of a bird. These wrinkles are often the first noticeable wrinkles to appear on the face and they deepen and become more noticeable with time.

Crow’s feet, like many other wrinkles, come with age, but that doesn’t mean you are doomed to a life of wrinkles once they appear. There are many ways to prevent and treat crow’s feet helping your skin to remain young and beautiful for life.

Preventing Crow’s Feet

It is often easier to prevent the formation of wrinkles than to try to reverse them once they’ve appeared. Here are some tips for preventing crow’s feet:

  • Stay Out of the Sun- Exposure to sunlight is one of the big causes of wrinkles. Not only do the sun’s rays damage the skin, they can also cause the facial muscles to contract (squinting when in bright light for example). Stay out of the sun when possible. Using sunscreen, wearing a hat and using sunglasses are other ways to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. As an added bonus staying out of the sun can also help you prevent skin cancer.
  • Take Care of Your Skin- Clean, moisturized skin is healthy skin. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you. If you need skin care tips or advice come in and talk with Dr. Matarasso. He’s happy to help with anything from acne treatment to dry skin and even advanced skin conditions.
  • Exercise- Surprisingly exercise isn’t just for your muscles. Working out can increase the blood flow to your skin, delivering oxygen and vital nutrients.

Treating Crow’s Feet

Even with the best prevention, crow’s feet can still happen. If and when they do, you have options. Dr. Matarasso would love to talk with you about treatment possibilities. Let’s take a look at one of the newest options for treating crow’s feet: the FDA approved use of Botox.

Botox has been in use for over a decade now with great results. It’s an injectable treatment that temporarily freezes facial muscles, stopping the contractions that lead to wrinkles. Botox isn’t a new treatment, but it is only recently approved for use fighting crow’s feet.

Is it effective? Most certainly. In the required trials leading up to the approval of this new treatment option, 833 adults were either given Botox or a placebo injection. The group receiving Botox showed the greatest improvement in their appearance. What can Botox do for you?

If you hate crow’s feet (and we know you do) come on in and give this recently approved treatment option a try.