The 5 Advantages of Tumescent Liposuction

LipoDealing with stubborn fat is so frustrating that sometimes you just want to yield to your chocolate chip cookie cravings or just indulge in a pint of your favorite ice cream. But don’t give up! Step away from the goodies, and learn a bit about Tumescent Liposculpture – the procedure that may help you get past your wright loss plateau.

If hard-to-remove fat is what’s keeping you from getting the svelte body you’ve always wanted, you’re not without hope. Why? Because the excess bulge around your tummy or thighs can now be safely and effectively removed through tumescent liposuction.

Just like any other liposuction technique, tumescent liposuction removes fat in order to add contour to the body. However, there are several advantages to this technique over the traditional form of liposuction. Here are just five of these advantages:

  1. It doesn’t require general anesthesia.

What you’ll love about this new tumescent liposuction technique is that it only needs local anesthesia to numb the area in your body where the cannula will be inserted.  This minimizes the risk of prolonged recovery or nausea that is often experienced by patients who have undergone general anesthesia. This makes it safer for the patient as he or she doesn’t have to worry about anesthesia side effects.

  1. The target is more precise and thorough.

Local anesthesia doesn’t just benefit you, the patient, but Dr. Matarasso as well. Because you’ll be awake during the entire session, you’ll have muscle tone to move certain parts of your body. What this means is that it’ll be easy for the doctor to ask you to tighten or flex muscles so he can remove fat in certain areas of the body that were otherwise difficult if the patient is fully asleep. This reduces the chances of missed areas that will result in uneven fat removal.

  1. It produces smoother results.

Tumescent liposuction uses a smaller cannula than the traditional one in suctioning fat so the amount of fat removed is controlled. This makes it a safer fat reduction method. As a result, patients will enjoy seeing a smoother result after the procedure.

  1. There is less bleeding and bruising.

Because the tumescent liposuction technique targets specific fatty areas, Dr. Matarasso will inject lidocaine in saline solution into the targeted fat tissue.  This creates a numbing sensation only in the area where fat is being suctioned. The end result is that there is less bleeding and less bruising, making the recovery speedy and less painful.

  1. It’s less expensive.

This technique is more affordable as it’s only performed using local anesthesia, making it a more cost-effective solution to contour your body.

To learn more about this body contouring procedure, consult with Dr. Seth L. Matarasso.