Losing Your Hair? Consider Micrograft


Thinning hair? If you miss having a full head of hair every time you look in the mirror, come see Dr. Matarasso. Micrograft hair restoration can give you your hair back. Naturally looking hair is possible, even after hair loss!

Why Should I Consider Hair Transplantation?

If you have hair loss, hair transplantation could be the solution. It is an excellent and highly effective treatment option for many men and women. This procedure involves moving hair from areas with more hair to areas experiencing hair loss. Hair transplantation offers:

  • Permanent results.
  • Natural looking hairline.
  • Restoration of a fuller head of hair.
  • Minimal downtime.

Dr. Matarasso offers hair transplantation using the micrograft method—a modern, advanced method of hair transplantation that offers natural looking results with less healing time. Rather than using large strips or plugs of hair, micrograft relocates small, individual follicles of hair. This allows us to achieve a very natural result while minimizing scarring (no large linear scar) and reducing healing time. Call today and learn more about micrograft hair transplantation.

Why Is Micrograft Superior to Other Hair Transplantation Methods?

Micrograft offers many advantages to traditional hair transplantation methods. Since individual follicles are used, there is a greater flexibility to create a natural looking hairline. Scarring is reduced and healing times are accelerated. This method does require a great deal of surgical skill and expertise. Make sure you choose a highly qualified doctor like Dr. Matarasso.

I Don’t Have Time for Downtime. Will Micrograft Work for Me?

If you’re too busy to spend weeks recovering after hair transplantation, micrograft transfers may be ideal for you. This revolutionary method of transplanting hair minimizes downtime and allows for speedy healing. You can return to work the very next day and to exercise after about a week.

Most patients experience some swelling, scabbing, inflammation, etc., but this typically fades quickly. Most patients need pain medication for only the first day or two after the procedure.

Get your hair back! Ask about micrograft hair transplantation today.