How to Adapt Your Skincare Routine to the City’s Hot, Humid Summer


As we head into the dog days of summer, is your skincare routine keeping up what Mother Nature is throwing at you? You can’t keep using the same products year-round and expect them to work consistently well. Hot weather requires you to deal with both humidity and extra-strong UV rays, which can cause clogged pores, sun damage, premature aging, and even skin cancer if you aren’t diligent about protecting your skin.  

Summer Skincare Tips to Apply Today

Summer is a more laid-back time of year, but exposure to the heat, humidity, and sun causes your skin to suffer, especially if you don’t pay attention to the different needs this season brings. What are the best strategies to follow for your skin type? As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Seth Matarasso brings his expertise to advise you on the best ways to switch up your summer skincare regimen.

1. Avoid Heavyweight Products

In the winter, you need a thicker moisturizer to protect your skin from the cold, dry air, but using that same moisturizer in the summer heat will clog your pores faster than you know what hit you. Instead of sticking with the same cleanser and moisturizer, swap for a lightweight, oil-free lotion that will hydrate gently without causing summer breakouts and greasy skin. 

2. Wash Your Face Frequently

Is your “summer glow” a result of a restful vacation you took, or is it because your skin is sweaty and oily? Especially if you are prone to breakouts, make sure you use a gentle cleanser that does not contain any harsh chemicals, which can strip skin of its natural protective moisture barrier. You can also look for products that contain exfoliants, which remove dead skin cells and pollutants from your pores.

3. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Choose a sunscreen and lip balm with an SPF rating of at least 15 and put it on every time you go out in the sun. Reapply regularly, especially after swimming and sweating. For best results, check the label for the terms “non-comedogenic” — which means it won’t clog your pores — and “broad-spectrum” — which means it will protect you against both UVA and UVB rays. Remember, there is no safe or healthy way to tan. If you still insist on having a sun-kissed look, search for a tinted sunscreen that can double as a light makeup. In the future, you’ll be glad you were proactive about protecting yourself from against sunspots, wrinkles, and the risk of skin cancer.

4. Use Acne Facial Cleansers and Spot Treatments

We all sweat more when it’s hot or humid outside, though many of us are reluctant to admit it. Extra sweat and sebum can clog your pores and trigger an unfortunate acne breakout. To keep blemishes at bay, use a mild anti-acne facial cleanser, and keep a spot treatment handy for calming problem skin.

5. Look for On-the-Go Skin Protection

Having a busy schedule is no excuse for forgetting to follow your summer skin routine. We recommend buying travel sizes of your favorite sunscreen so you can reapply every couple of hours. You can also find small packs of moist towelettes that easily slip into a pocket or purse and pull out when you need a refresher throughout the day.

Summer Skin Starts at Our San Francisco Practice

Though this list is a good start of tips for switching up your skincare for the season, remember that taking good care of your skin is about more than just applying a lightweight moisturizer or buying an exfoliating cleanser. It’s also about understanding your skin type and how to maintain healthy skin to the best of your ability. You can have beautiful, glowing skin in any season if you take time to learn about your unique needs and adjust your routine accordingly.

Whether you have a chronic skin condition like acne or eczema that makes it more challenging for you to find effective summer skincare products, or you are looking for ways to refresh your skin in hot, humid weather, call our San Francisco office at 415-362-2238 to book a consultation with Dr. Matarasso. He can use his extensive training to recommend the best anti-aging treatments and procedures that also contribute to a healthy complexion.