Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Summer is coming. Is your skin ready? Check out some of these summer beauty tips for flawless, glowing skin all summer long. If you need personalized help (or a beauty treatment or two), we’re always here to help you look great every season of the year.

Exfoliate- Smooth and Renew Your Skin for Summer

summer-skin-care-tipsHot summer weather often means showing a little more skin, which means you should spend some time getting your skin summer ready. A full body exfoliation can smooth and renew skin. For problem areas (often the face, but can include other areas too) you may want to consider microdermabrasion. We can perform this specialized exfoliating treatment in our offices, removing dead skin cells and revealing skin that feels younger and healthier. Best of all, this treatment is minimally invasive, with no recovery period or downtime.

Help jump start your beautiful summer skin by exfoliating from head to toe for bright and beautiful skin.

Add Some Color

When you think of summer skin, you probably think of beautiful, sun bronzed skin. But, don’t head to the tanning salon. UV rays can damage the skin (potentially increasing your risk for skin cancer). UV exposure can also cause premature wrinkling and sun spots. Skip the tanning and achieve a natural, glowing look with a bronzer or sunless tanner. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen every day (on any exposed skin), not just when you head to the beach.

Shape and Tone (and Look Great in Your Bikini)

Bikini season strikes fear into the hearts of many women each summer, but it doesn’t have to. Perfect your natural shape with a liposuction treatment. We use tumescent liposuction for faster healing times, less inflammation and precise results. If you aren’t yet bikini ready, now’s the perfect time to come in for a liposuction treatment.

Evaluate Your Products

Do you tend to breakout more in the summer? Your skin’s needs are much different during hot, humid weather than they are in the cold, dry winter air. You may find that switching products (choose lighter moisturizers that won’t clog pores and cleanse the skin often with a gentle cleanser) can help keep breakouts at bay. If that doesn’t do the trick, topical treatments (like Retin-A or a topical antibiotic cream) might help. If you struggle with summertime acne, come in now and stay in the clear this summer.

Summer is knocking at our door… now’s the time to get your skin ready!