Fun Spots for Pilates + Yoga in San Francisco

Pilates and Yoga are great workouts that can improve flexibility, strengthen your body, and release stress. Dr. Seth Matarasso compiled the below list that includes five fun spots for Pilates and yoga in San Francisco. Visit one of the below studios to enjoy a fun, yet challenging workout!

  1. Laughing Lotus Yoga Center will teach you how to maintain a healthy body, joyful spirit, and quiet mind with a plethora of yoga and meditation classes.
  2. Yoga Flow is a family-run, community-based studio that offers hot vinyasa flow classes, where you can move, sweat, and breathe as well as kid’s yoga classes.
  3. San Francisco Pilates promotes a healthy and adventurous lifestyle while helping their hundreds of clients with rehabilitation and strengthening.
  4. EleVate Group Fitness focuses on extending, enhancing, and empowering their students with yoga, strength circuit, and total body sculpting classes.
  5. Wheel House restores the mind, body, and soul with yoga, core strength, and indoor cycling classes taught by a group of fun and inspiring instructors.

Yoga + Pilates in San Francisco