Five Essential Skin Care Tips for Fall

Summer is coming to an end… Is your skin ready for fall? These skin care tips will help you keep your skin at its best from back to school through Thanksgiving and beyond.

Stick with the Sunscreen

Summer isn’t the only time for sunscreen. Regular sunscreen use should be a year-round habit. Use at least SPF 15 on a daily basis. Many of the common skin conditions we associate with aging are actually caused by UV exposure. Using sunscreen can also help lower your skin cancer risk (if it’s been more than a year since your last skin cancer check with a doctor, call for an appointment).

Skip the Hot Showers

As the weather gets cooler, warm up with a sweater, not a hot shower. Overly hot showers and baths can dry out the skin by stripping away your body’s natural oils. This can leave the skin red, itchy, dry and irritated. Opt for a more temperate shower and enjoy happier, more beautiful skin this fall.

Come In for a Cosmetic Pick Me Up

Now that the chaos of summer is winding down, you might have a little more Five Essential Skin Care Tips for Falltime to devote to your skin. Come in for a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment and give your skin a quick pick me up. Botox or Juvederm are great options for wrinkles. The Fraxel laser can improve the appearance of brown spots and stimulate collagen production. If you have loose, sagging skin, try Ultherapy, a non-surgical tightening procedure. Each of these treatments can be performed in office with no downtime. Fall is a great time to make your skin look better.

Evaluate Your Products

Changes in weather and temperature can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your skin care products. Is your skin feeling dry this fall? Consider switching your moisturizer or trying a new cleanser. As the seasons change, so do your skin care needs. It is a great time to evaluate which products are working and which are not.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

When we think about skin care, we typically focus on facial skin (cheeks, chip, forehead, etc.), but don’t forget, your lips are skin too and may need extra attention as the weather cools down. Start using a good quality lip balm now to avoid cracked, sore lips this winter.

Great fall skin starts now. Call us today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Matarasso.