Daddy Do-Over: Will This New Trend Do in the Dad Bod?


You may have heard of the “mommy makeover,” but did you know about its just-for-men equivalent, the daddy do-over? Men in their middle years are now more interested than ever in pursuing cosmetic surgery, and there are several reasons powering this trend. First, the need to stay competitive in the workplace is leading to older men wanting to roll back the clock so they can look as young as their millennial colleagues. Second, more men who are re-entering the dating game after a recent divorce are hoping to get a fresh start for their appearance as well. 

What does a daddy do-over entail? The process is highly customizable, depending on your goals and areas of concern. The term “daddy do-over” usually refers to a combination of treatment options that help male patients look younger, healthier, and refreshed. If you are an older man with one or more appearance-related complaints you feel are holding you back from living your best life, consider the following daddy do-over procedures from San Francisco’s Dr. Seth Matarasso.

Daddy Do-Overs in San Francisco 

What procedures should you consider as part of your daddy do-over? Here are some of the most popular among me

1. Botox® Cosmetic:

Botox has become such a sought-after product among men that you might have heard people jokingly refer to it as “Bro-tox.” Botox is an FDA-approved injectable product that uses a purified form of botulinum toxin to temporarily block the nerve signals that cause facial muscles to contract. Many older men develop fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions like smiling, squinting, and frowning. Botox can smooth out these wrinkles and take years off your appearance. Dr. Matarasso’s male patients love Botox because it is a quick, in-office procedure that does not involve any healing time, scarring, or sutures.

2. CoolSculpting®:

Many men are genetically predisposed to store body fat behind their abdominal wall, which pushes their stomach to protrude outward. And, as they get older, their testosterone levels decrease, making it harder to lose that weight. Thanks to this one-two punch of genetics and age, a paunch or beer belly is the most common element of the “dad bod” stereotype. Men who are looking for a way to remove stubborn abdominal fat can now opt to freeze it away with CoolSculpting. This non-surgical treatment is an FDA-cleared way to remove unwanted fat cells using controlled cooling. Over the next few months following your procedure, your body will gradually flush out the dead cells, leaving you with a slimmer silhouette.

3. Liposuction:

Like CoolSculpting, liposuction is an effective way for removing fat from specific areas of your body, but it is a surgical procedure. Unwanted pockets of fat can accumulate as we age, and can be stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise. If you’ve put in your time at the gym and still struggle with bulges of body fat that you can’t seem to shed, ask Dr. Matarasso about adding liposuction to your daddy do-over to achieve a slimmer, more toned contour for areas of your body like your abs, buttocks, waist, legs, or chest. 

4. Hair transplant surgery:

Thinning hair is a hallmark of aging men. Depending on your degree of hair loss and the type of male pattern baldness you are experiencing, you may be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Dr. Matarasso can remove healthy hair grafts in tiny bunches from “donor” areas of your head or body, and place them precisely in a way that recreates your hairline. Over the next several months, these new grafts will take root and begin to grow. Within the first year after your procedure, you’ll be able to cut and style your hair in whatever way you choose. The micrograft procedure has a shorter healing time, less scarring, and produces significantly more natural-looking results than older hair restoration techniques like hair plugs.

Ditch Your Dad Bod for Good

Overall, signs point to the daddy do-over being a trend with staying power, and signs point to more and more men seeking these life-changing procedures in the future. Minimally invasive, low-risk treatment options and highly natural results will increasingly lead men to seek new ways to get ahead of their competition, both in the dating marketplace and in their career. If you are interested in exploring daddy do-over procedures to help you look and feel younger and more vital, contact our San Francisco office today to schedule your in-person consultation with Dr. Matarasso.