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Put Fat on the Deep Freeze for Good

Freeze away fat with Coolsculpting and remove stubborn spots that despite your efforts, diet and exercise just aren’t helping. With this noninvasive procedure, you will see results in as little as three weeks with no downtime. Learn more about Coolsculpting …

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Can CoolSculpting Help You Reach Your 2019 Goals?

                      You’ve worked tirelessly at the gym, putting in time on the treadmill and with the weight equipment. You’ve also diligently followed a balanced diet and kept a close eye …

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Liposuction Alternatives for Long-Term Benefits

Despite our diligent efforts to follow healthy lifestyle habits, many of us still struggle with stubborn areas of body fat. Heredity largely determines how you accumulate fat on your body, which is why it can be so challenging to lose …

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Get Rid of the Muffin Top Once and For All with CoolSculpting

A muffin top may sound cute and tasty, but its true meaning is the exact opposite. It’s unsightly, and people who have it don’t think they’re yummy. A muffin top is the over spilling fat that hangs in the waistline …

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CoolSculpting 101: Freeze Your Fat Away

CoolSculpting 101

Can’t seem to get rid of stubborn fat with diet and exercise? CoolSculpting may be for you! CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses a type of fat freezing technology to target and eliminate fat cells. Dr. Seth Matarasso created …

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