5 Things to Know About Hair Transplants

Dr. Seth Matarasso created this helpful infographic that includes 5 things to know about hair transplants. This infographic has information such as what hair transplants are, how they work, and how the procedure is performed. Here are the five things to know about hair transplants:

  1. Micrograft hair transplants (sometimes called neograft hair transplants or micrograft hair restoration) are a cost-effective way for men and women to combat the effects of hair loss.
  2. It provides a permanent, fuller head of hair with a natural-looking hairline. It is superior to the plug procedures used in the past – both in terms of look and healing time.
  3. Small grafts of hair called follicular unit micrografts are removed from other areas of the body or other parts of the head where hair is full and not prone to hair loss.
  4. Using a very fine needle, the follicles are then transplanted onto the parts of the head where there has been hair loss.
  5. After 6-12 weeks, this hair falls out, and the hair follicles begin to produce new hair during the next three months or so.

For more information on hair transplants, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Matarasso.

Hair Transplantation